Community Development Software

The United Nations defines community development as "a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems." Community development can span many different categories in the workplace and can leave a daunting amount of work for an agency. Our community development software was created to simplify agency communication.

• Permit Managment
• Code Enforcement
• Planning and Zoning
• License Management
• Citizen Engagement
• Payment Processing
• Electronic Document Management

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Citizen engagement tool app
Man using tablet for code enforcement


Permit management includes the managing of encroachments, driveways, variances, appeals and more. Our system easily lets you see the parcel number, fees, addresses and all other pertinent information.

Enter notes and issue letters while on-site using the Code Enforcement application. By applying updates in real time using a web-based connection, there's no need to return to the office to add inspection notes.

Track what is specific to your agency while being able to have multiple groups work on one project with iWorQ's Zoning and Planning application. Attach plan reviews and inspections to help make things go smoothly.

License management gives you the freedom to utilize your current practices and procedures while moving your operations to the web. Your agency defines the license types, categories, time frames, and fees.

Save your employees time by letting citizens file complaints and suggestions or submit and pay for permits with the Citizen Engagement app. Requests can then be exported to be created into a new work order or case.

 iWorQ securely processes credit card payments via a trusted, third-party payment processor, iTransact, and deposits money into an account of your choice at the point of sale.

Eliminate paper by storing plans and permits in iWorQ's cloud.  Securely store information by uploading inspection results, files to properties, auto-generated letters, notices, and custom forms.



iWorQ's community development software is made to help simplify the day to day process. With relational data tables, the information you provide for one application transfers seamlessly into another, which saves your agency time.


Previously recorded GIS data can be transferred into the iWorQ software and put into our mapping feature. The map has a selection feature that lets you view which parcels have specific code violations such as tall grass or vacant buildings. From there, an investigation, phone call or court date can all be entered into a specific case.


Customized data fields let your agency view and track information in your own way. Unlike other software that may try to get you to alter your data to fit their system, we want to make sure your agency's needs are met by tracking the information of your choosing.


Our tech support team always offers training to any new or existing employee at no extra cost.

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