Permit management for cities and counties

At iWorQ we know how valuable time is. That’s why we developed permit management to increase efficiency, integrate inspections scheduling, and track the entire permitting process. Permit management will track the permit application, through inspection, all the way to occupancy.

Effective community development requires regular tracking and enforcing. Track your process from any internet-capable device with our cloud-based, mobile-friendly applications. No more wasting paper, time, and money on tracking pieces of the process by hand or with spreadsheets.

Benefits of iWorQ’s Permit Management

  • Store contractor and owner information
  • Customizable
  • Detailed tracking
  • Reporting
  • Document upload
  • Parcel mapping

Store contractor and owner information and assign and track data effortlessly. Additionally, iWorQ tracks licensing, certificates, pictures and other important information that needs to be documented and tracked for each permit.

Detailed Tracking

Permits can be tracked by category and sub-category. The permit can be tied to either the property owner or the contractor applying for the permit. The process can be documented by date, activity, status, and completion date. The application will also track files pertaining to the permit, follow-up dates, and specific notes. Activities can be assigned to an inspector or employee, and each employee can track the notes, dates, and the status of each permit. Each permit can be given a coordinate or be assigned on iWorQ’s interactive map. Users can associate documents and photos to each permit if needed. Detailed notes can be recorded by date for each permit. In addition, the agency can track the steps or progress used to issue the permit.

Reporting Tool

Detailed reports are also available for compiling information, and allowing users to view any information they need instantly, helping you get the information you need, fast. The reports compile any information you want to see for each permit, and our unique system allows you to display only the information you need.

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