Growth From Suggestions

At iWorQ we strive to continually improve the software by implementing suggestions from our users. At our annual user conference this summer, our development team took notes of suggested features that could be added to our applications.

Sign Management Software

During our annual user conference this summer, Rich Ataman from Brevard County, Florida did a guest presentation about how they utilize iWorQ’s software to manage their assets that serve their population of 500,000+ people.

Using iWorQ Software for Variances and Appeals

iWorQ offers applications that can help to keep your permits organized and makes them more manageable. By splitting your applications, you can separate variance permits to make handling your agency’s processes easier.

iWorQ’s involvement with the United States Territorial Peer Exchange

iWorQ was honored to attend and present at the first ever United States Territorial Peer Exchange in Lakewood, Colorado in August. The purpose of the conference was to share and enlighten territories about transportation improvements and technology that is available to assist their governments.

Workers checking out a sewer

Sewer Management Software

Ensuring that wastewater assets are properly maintained is important to the health of a community. iWorQ’s Sewer Management software helps agencies to better manage their assets, which will increase the life of your sewer system.

man on the computer

Business License Software

iWorQ’s Licensing application can be used for various entities license types. The most popular way to use our licensing software is for managing business licenses.  

iWorQ Staff Photo

Summit 2018 User Conference

Our annual user conference was held last week on July 31st and August 1st. iWorQ customers from all over the U.S. visited beautiful Logan, UT to participate in classes on our software applications, sit in on a one-on-one training with staff members, network with other peer agencies, and learn about what’s coming to iWorQ in the near future.

Fleet vehicle at work

Fleet Management Software

One of our most popular applications in the public works software suite is Fleet Management. This application allows our customers to simplify tracking on every vehicle from heavy equipment to golf carts. The software’s dashboard uses customized fields to help your agency track and view any information needed, without having to change your current processes and business practices. You can also …