Service Requests, iWorQ has a solution

The purpose of this blog is to tell you why iWorQ is the leader in managing city and county governments’ services and request.  Agencies are inundated with requests from other departments, citizens, elected officials, and manager.  Without a standard process these request become impossible to track and many will fall through the cracks.  Recently, a city manager admitted that the request forms on their city website were being sent to nobody, and that request had not been looked at for several years.  So how can iWorQ help?

iWorQ can help agencies track internal request from other departments, elected official, and managers.  This can be done using two iWorQ solutions.  First, agencies can build a service request form in iWorQ and provide a link on the agencies Intranet.  When the request is submitted an email is automatically sent to the department or person responsible.  With a secure login, each person can complete a request and enter specific notes.  Managers can search and report on how well requests are being handled.  Second,  iWorQ has a Droid phone application,  that can be download to your mobile phone.  This mobile application can generate service request, from the field including a picture and an X,Y coordinate.  Once the request is submitted by phone, iWorQ allows the request to be managed using the same process outlined above.  One of our clients use an internal form to submit city vehicle service requests, these request are scheduled and tracked in our iWorQ Fleet Management solution.  Nobody has a better solution for managing internal requests.

iWorQ’s request forms are dynamic, and can easily be customized to track any type of request.  With a simple link on the city or county website citizens and customers can submit a request, and track the status of their request with a unique number.  Agencies can have one link for all the requests, or each department can provide a simple request form.  The iWorQ solution comes complete with automated emails, complete tracking, management reports, web-based access and unlimited users.  How simple!

iWorQ clients use the service request solution to record phone calls.   That means agencies can customize a form for tracking and managing phone calls.  This 311 solution provide web based access to anybody answering the phone, and each request is automatically emailed to the person responsible.  iWorQ has the perfect 311 solution.

Finally, iWorQ’s Mobile Application can be made available so any citizen with a droid phone to submit a request.  This might seem crazy, but government agencies can reduce their liability by providing tools for services request to be submitted and managed.

iWorQ has a complete service request solution! Call iWorQ for a demo today (888)-655-1259

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