When emergencies happen, agencies need to know that their hydrants are in excellent working condition. Hydrants are very important capital assets that require frequent preventative maintenance. Local government agencies now have hydrant management software to track the installation, maintenance, and location of the hydrant valve.

iWorQ hydrant management tracks:

iWorQ tracks the installation of each hydrant including the physical location by x,y coordinate, as well as all features listed above. Agencies need to regularly check the static pressure and flow rate because these values can change over time as the system expands.

The primary reason for hydrant management software is to track preventative maintenance. Agencies should track their annual flush and pressure check. With iWorQ, you can do that as well as know the length of the flush and the employee that did it.

If you would like to know more about hydrants, additional information on hydrants can be found at the American Water Works Association website.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

Some of the preventative maintenance items that should be done include oiling the shaft, exercising the valve, removing the caps and oiling the threads. These maintenance items need to be recorded by date and employee. There will be additional preventative maintenance requirements depending on the age and type of hydrant.

Because preventative maintenance needs can change, local government agencies need to track and manage the location of each hydrant valve. Most agencies have some type of standard installation method. For example agencies will install the valve straight off the large hydrant cap. Agencies use the hydrant management software to track the distance from the curb to the valve. Locating the right valve can be difficult in parking lots or around buildings. Agencies can use global positioning systems (GPS) or detailed descriptions to locate the valve for each hydrant.

Agencies can track the location of each hydrant valve by pavement management segments. This allows the agency to know how many valves were on the road prior to a chip seal or overlay. This information can be given to the contractor so they can be located when the project is done.

Track Hydrants Onsite

iWorQ’s easy-to-use hydrant management software will help you track and maintain the status of all of your hydrants. This web-based application will allow¬†you to not only keep track of this information in your office, but you can pull up hydrant information on-site on an as needed basis.

We’re ready to streamline your hydrant maintenance program.