311 Service Requests & Complaints

iWorQ 311 Service Request Tracker is an easy-to-use Internet application that provides cities and counties with tools to accept citizen requests from their homepage via a public portal. Citizens can submit a request, check on the status of their request, and the city or county can make sure that the request is taken care of properly.


In addition to the tracking request, agencies can post frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by category, and receive general opinions. This is an efficient way to communicate with any citizen. iWorQ’s Citizen Tracker tool has automated email functionality to communicate with constituents as necessary.


Each request may be converted to a detailed work order. The Citizen Request Tracker works in tandem with the iWorQ Work Management application.


Citizens can visit the public portal to track the changes to each request, detailing your commitment to customer service for your constituents.


Search requests to determine how many of them fall into a certain category, or create a custom report to analyze the total number of request for a department or project. With detailed searches, and custom reporting, your office has the data and information needed to make important decisions on how to better serve the community.


iWorQ’s 311 Service Request and Complaint tracker has custom fields, configurable user settings, custom reports and configurable screens that give you control of the input and output information.


A homepage link is an integral part of the 311 Service Request & Complaint tracker. The 311 Service Request and Complaint tracker includes a citizen web interface or portal, which is added to your homepage with a simple link or button. Citizens enter a request, and it creates a new request in the iWorQ database. Citizens can track the status of that request via automated number via the web, rather than making a phone call, allowing your staff to focus on other duties. This makes your office effective and efficient.