Permit management, including building inspections, planning and zoning, requires regular tracking and enforcement. iWorQ’s web-based, mobile-ready software tracks your building permit process from the permit request through certificate of occupancy.  View permits at a glance, provide updates to constituents, collect permit fees, track contractors and more. Your data is stored in the cloud, meaning you can update it or view it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Benefits Of iWorQ for permit management

Hundreds of city and government agencies have already adopted our building permit software into their daily routine and have experienced the huge time and money savings.

  • Store contractor and owner information
  • Contractor portal to provide information to contractors in real time
  • Fully customizable
  • Detailed tracking
  • Reporting
  • GIS integration and tracking
  • Document upload and storage
  • Satellite imagery
  • Simple to use and administer
  • Free support
  • Free training

iWorQ records contractor and owner information that is assigned, tracked, and viewable with little effort from end users. iWorQ tracks inspections, licenses and certificates as well as pictures and other important information that needs to be documented and tracked for each building permit.

When you purchase iWorQ, you get a customer satisfaction guarantee. iWorQ applications are easy to use and manage. iWorQ’s tenured support team provides free technical support and free weekly trainings via the telephone and internet for you and your staff.  Tracking and reporting permits is a critical piece of your job. iWorQ technology provides an easy way to track permits and inspections, allowing you to focus on the projects rather than on the tracking. We guarantee that you will love the easiness and reliability of this amazing web-based software that was developed by civil engineers for municipalities and counties.


Detailed reports are also available for compiling information, and allowing users to view any information they need instantly, helping you get the information you need, fast. The reports compile any information you want to see for each permit, and iWorQ allows you to display only the information you need. Need to provide reports to the city council on the number of permits you issued last year? What about how much money you’ve collected in permit fees in the last 30 days? It’s simple to create ad hoc reports by adding the data fields to the report and save them for regular use. If you need help creating a report from data tracked in the iWorQ database, help is just a phone call away.

Detailed tracking

Permits are tracked by category and sub-category. The permit is tied to either the property owner or the contractor applying for the permit. Each permit can be assigned to an employee/inspector and the process documented by date, activity, description of the activity, status, and completion date. The application tracks files pertaining to the permit, including follow-up dates, and specific notes. Users add activities, inspections, assigned employees, steps taken, as well as custom database fields. In addition, any customization done by the user is completely integrated into the functions of the application include searching, data management, and reporting. Activities can be assigned to an inspector/employee, and each employee can track the notes, dates, and the status of each permit.

GIS tracking

Each permit can be mapped with satellite imagery and/or connected to parcel data. Zoom into an aerial photograph or search by address to place a point on a GIS mapping layer. Each permit can be assigned XY coordinates.

Document upload and storage

It’s easy to upload documents, including building plans and photos, to each permit. Detailed notes can be recorded by date for each permit. All documents associated with permits, including inspection documents, permits, certificates of occupancy, letters and more are stored in the permit record and accessible from anywhere.

About iWorQ

Since 2001, iWorQ Systems develops cloud-based applications for cities, towns and counties. Agencies in all 50 states use iWorQ’s suite of applications to manage public works – including work management, fleet management, sewer management, and asset management and community development – including licensing, code enforcement and permit management.

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