iworq fleet management2 Feb 2017

Fleet Management Optimized

  iWorQ’s cloud-based Fleet Management application is an end-to-end solution to meet the needs for your city, county, or district organization. Our application tracks equipment and vehicles by department, license plate, employee, and category. Fleet management is a crucial tool that saves money for your department by tracking work orders, scheduled maintenance, parts and inventory, and fuel usage.   Creating work orders iWorQ's fleet management application tracks maintenance performed-on vehicles and equipment with a work

11 Jul 2016

iWorQ updates pavement management system map

photo credit: Josh HoehneiWorQ's developers re-engineered the pavement management map to optimize use on a mobile device. The updates allow users to access and maneuver the map easily on a smartphone or tablet. Maps in iWorQ are data-rich and detailed, containing huge amounts of data which is relevant to the people on the ground - the people who collected it, including public works staff, surveyors, engineers, and other GIS professionals.iWorQ's updated map features include:Find your

17 Jul 2015

Effective stormwater management with iWorQ

iWorQ develops stormwater management applications that meet Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program requirements. Municipalities and counties are required to employ stormwater management programs, including stormwater permits (SWPP), inspections, maintenance schedules and histories, and illicit discharge investigations. Stormwater is precipitation - including rainwater and melted snow - that runs off streets, lawns, and other sites. Stormwater is absorbed into the ground, where it is filtered and flows into streams, lakes, and aquifers. Impervious surfaces,

16 Jun 2015

Register for #iWorQ15 by June 30 for discounted rate

Register for the conference today!There are only 2 weeks left to register for the iWorQ 2015 conference at the early bird rate! The agenda is almost set, with learning tracks for end users in work management, fleet management and community development. One on one training sessions are available during both days of the conference, and we'll be doing several fun activities during the day and at night, including golf, hiking, go karts, manicures, and more.

Refer a friend or colleague

We need your help. Can you put in a good word for us with cities, towns and counties in your state? Are you part of a state association? Do you know someone who faces the same challenges you do and could benefit from our applications and services? We want to know who those people are. iWorQ's growth is sustained by referrals from our clients. Service is the foundation of our company, and we don't take

5 Jun 2015

Take your data with you

One of the biggest concerns clients have when switching from a legacy system to iWorQ is what will happen to their existing data. Outlined here is what it takes to switch from your legacy software system to iWorQ’s web-based solutions. Many of iWorQ’s customers converted from an existing software system. We convert data for cities and counties that use Black Bear Systems, PTWIN32, AS/400, Microsoft Access, and other databases. The primary steps of the process

2 Jun 2015

Credit/debit card payments: Worth the cost

Your community members use debit and credit cards instead of cash and checks every day for in-store and online purchases. It's no secret that there is a small fee to pay in exchange for the convenience of paying with a card. Any cost-conscious manager is aware of fees and the paper trail. But what's in it for you? Accepting card payments may mean the difference between collecting that revenue right now and having to invoice

7 May 2015

iWorQ celebrates National #PublicWorks Week May 17-23

art by Christiane Beauregard; source: apwa.netPublic works professionals in your community provide the infrastructure and services that you've come to rely upon in your daily life. National Public Works Week, instituted by the American Public Works Association (APWA) in 1960 as a campaign raising awareness for public works in community life, is May 17-23, 2015. Take this opportunity to thank the men and women in your community who work supporting and improving your quality of

Field 311 service requests with iWorQ

Sheridan is making reporting potholes and other infrastructure issues much easier with use of a smartphone app. Hannah Stepenoff has the details here. Residents of Sheridan may have an even faster way to report potholes and other infrastructure issues within city limits. The City of Sheridan has been using the iWorQ system to sort out infrastructure issues for five years now, according to Public Works Director Nic Bateson. iWorQ is web-based software that organizes the

7 Apr 2015

Clean up graffiti with iWorQ

Is graffiti a problem in your city? Typically, graffiti plagues larger cities and counties, and costs thousands of dollars to track, from law enforcement to clean up and abatement. Tracking graffiti abatement is difficult and costly; iWorQ provides an easy-to-use, web-based solution to manage graffiti clean up in your community. iWorQ leads the industry with our state-of-the-art products and services to serve municipalities and counties. iWorQ's graffiti management application: Tracks and maps the location of