iworq fleet management2 Feb 2017

Fleet Management Optimized

  iWorQ’s cloud-based Fleet Management application is an end-to-end solution to meet the needs for your city, county, or district organization. Our application tracks equipment and vehicles by department, license plate, employee, and category. Fleet management is a crucial tool that saves money for your department by tracking work orders, scheduled maintenance, parts and inventory, and fuel usage.   Creating work orders iWorQ's fleet management application tracks maintenance performed-on vehicles and equipment with a work

18 Oct 2016

Make Code Enforcement Efficient with iWorQ

    Are you tired of file folders and paper? The clunky filing cabinets? The inconvenience of looking for what you need? iWorQ is the solution for you, simplifying the paper trail with custom letters and forms employed with just a few keystrokes from anywhere via an Internet-connected device.   Code enforcement officers access to their cases, their activity schedules, and enter notes from anywhere, including attaching pictures to cases from their mobile device. Use

12 Oct 2016

10 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Applications

You’re already using web-based applications that live in the cloud today. Do you use social media, online banking, web-based email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), or Pandora? If yes, then you’re already a savvy web-based software user and you’ve traveled all over the cloud! Like us on Facebook if you haven’t already. Here's TEN REASONS to use cloud applications:   Web-based applications are safe. Data is stored on secure servers and is accessed via username and password.

7 Oct 2016

Introducing iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement

  As a government entity, it is imperative to communicate with citizens and grasp their needs. iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement platform gives cities and counties tools to communicate with citizens in real-time. Citizen Engagement provides convenient methods for citizens to notify city and county leadership about issues in the community - including fallen trees, broken pipes, potholes, code violations, or even kudos for a job well done with any Internet-capable device, or via iWorQ's mobile app. Visible,

11 Jul 2016

iWorQ updates pavement management system map

photo credit: Josh HoehneiWorQ's developers re-engineered the pavement management map to optimize use on a mobile device. The updates allow users to access and maneuver the map easily on a smartphone or tablet. Maps in iWorQ are data-rich and detailed, containing huge amounts of data which is relevant to the people on the ground - the people who collected it, including public works staff, surveyors, engineers, and other GIS professionals.iWorQ's updated map features include:Find your

8 Mar 2016

Registration open for #iWorQ16

Mark your calendar for August 2-3, 2016 and make travel plans to join iWorQ in Logan, Utah for iWorQ's annual training conference. The #iWorQ16 agenda includes training for all iWorQ applications, including asset management, pavement management, sign management, work management, stormwater management, sewer management, fleet management, permit management, code enforcement, entity and license management, and pavement assessments. The conference is at The Riverwoods Conference Center, and includes presentations on key features of the iWorQ application, using

25 Feb 2016

Planning and zoning management

Planning and zoning requires regular tracking and enforcement. iWorQ's web-based, mobile-ready software manages your planning and zoning cases, including design review, plan study, zoning appeals, variances, and project approval. View planning and zoning cases a glance, provide updates to constituents, collect fees, review plans, schedule inspections, track contractors and more with iWorQ. Your data is stored in the cloud, meaning you can update it or view it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.Benefits Of

14 Jan 2016

Take your data with you with iWorQ

Your data is critical to your operations. One of the best services iWorQ offers is data conversion from your legacy system. Most of iWorQ's community development customers converted data from another software system. This article outlines the process for data conversion and implementation for a permit management application, but the same steps are used for any of our applications, including code enforcement, rental property license management, inspections, animal control, and business licensing.Here's the steps of

5 ways iWorQ simplifies work management for you

iWorQ's work management software is used by city and county agencies all over the United States and Canada. Our clients have recognized significant time and cost savings by using iWorQ. Here's five reasons you should use iWorQ work management instead of updating spreadsheets, printing, and handwriting on forms.Track citizen complaints in a single location.Enter work orders quickly with just a few clicks.Effectively schedule projects based on priority and status.Easily report to city and county leadershipSchedule

Refer a friend or colleague

We need your help. Can you put in a good word for us with cities, towns and counties in your state? Are you part of a state association? Do you know someone who faces the same challenges you do and could benefit from our applications and services? We want to know who those people are. iWorQ's growth is sustained by referrals from our clients. Service is the foundation of our company, and we don't take