Building Inspection Software

Building Inspection Software from iWorQ

Building Inspection Software from iWorQ

Building Inspectors need accurate and timely documentation.  Building Inspectors need to be good at record keeping, tracking details, and organization.  Inspectors need to record the projects progress, communicate with the contractor or sub, write letters, take pictures, and do all types of inspections.  Building inspection software will help inspectors do this more efficiently.

iWorQ’s Building Inspection Software allows the user to lay out custom field, Schedule all types of inspections, send out letters and notifications, upload pictures, and track details.  This easy-to-use application is web-based so it is available on any computer with and Internet connection.  Inspectors can easily record all their information in the field.

iWorQ’s Building Inspection software tracks all the details of a project.  Inspectors can track contractors and sub contractors, license dates, associate projects to parcels, and locate the project using GIS(Bing-Virtual Earth). In addition, the Building Inspection Software can track fees using fixed amounts, calculations, and formulas.  Complex calculations can be done based on square footage, heated and unheated, valuation amounts, percentages and more.

Inspectors can track the entire project from start to finish.  iWorQ’s Building Inspection Software makes it easy for inspectors to create a project, upload and review plans, schedule activities and inspections, issue permits, document each inspection, and issue notices.  The APWA provides training and documentation to help inspectors.  The manual shown below is a great source of information for inspectors.

APWA Construction Inspection Manual

APWA Construction Inspection Manual

An iWorQ customer in Utah uses the Building Inspection Software to track projects from the preliminary plat plans to the final plat plan, for both commercial and residential construction.  In addition, agencies use the web-based Building Inspection Software to track commercial and resident remodels, sheds, fences, and more.

iWorQ will customize your letter, forms, and notices.  iWorQ manages the entire implementation process including training, setup, and user access.

iWorQ has the best customer service and support in the industry.  The benefits of iWorQ web-based software include: 1) Available for any computer with internet connection, 2) No per seat charges or licensing, 3) FREE support and training, 4) Easy to implement, 5) FREE upgrades, 6) Easy to use interface,  and 7) Nothing to install or download.

Take 10 minutes and look at our fully functions guest site.  Give us a call 1888-655-1259.  iWorQ’s Building Inspection Software is ready to use, get a password today.

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