21 Sep 2017

Senior Project Wins with iWorQ

Jaqueline M., Ferdinand T., James P., Brendan P., Alex R., Ryan S., Rachael D., and Jay C. presenting their final project with iWorQ. Last year, Professor Laura J. Steinberg from Syracuse University in New York, used iWorQ’s applications to assist in teaching her Urban Infrastructure class. With iWorQ, Dr. Steinberg and her students evaluated and assessed the streets and signs in Syracuse neighborhoods. The students learned about asset management, how it is done with a

6 Tips Before Attending User Conference

  iWorQ 2017 User Conference is coming up and we can hardly contain our excitement! Users from across the nation will join us here in Logan, Utah for two days, August 1-2, to learn more about the iWorQ applications, to get their questions answered, to meet the staff they work with over the phone, and to have some fun! If you’ve never been before, this is an event you don’t want to miss! Here’s a

benefit with convenience8 Jan 2015

Ten reasons to choose a web-based application

You're already using web-based applications that live in the cloud today. Do you use social media, online banking, web-based email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), or Pandora? If yes, then you're already a savvy web-based software user and you've traveled all over the cloud! Like us on Facebook if you haven't already. Web-based applications are safe. Data is stored on secure servers and is accessed via username and password. Storing files on your personal hard drives, thumb drives,

21 Oct 2014

Premium Data Upgrade

When cities and organizations exchange data, transfer files, or share documents, details are crucial. Customers of iWorQ know this, and occasionally require large file uploads to ensure every detail remains intact. Whether it be a series of scanned documents, a high resolution image, or any other file type, iWorQ has you covered through the Premium Data Upgrade, powered by Amazon servers. This recently launched service is secure, fast, stable, and most importantly, has the capacity

17 Sep 2014

City Administration Management

Administration Local government leaders are charged with maintaining the infrastructure, managing the resources, and serving the citizens to keep their communities vibrant and healthy – regardless of their size. Local governments have always been required to serve their citizens using limited resources. As the first company to offer city and county government management applications as an Internet service, not as installed software, iWorQ has enabled hundreds of government agencies to access the best government software

17 Sep 2014

Community Development

iWorQ's cloud-based software applications track information such as business licenses, inspections, permits, code enforcement, graffiti, violations, and service requests to manage planning, zoning and development. Agencies can do timely inspections, track contractors, document cases, identify violators, issue business licenses, and more. iWorQ offers the best cloud-based application to solve your community's planning, zoning and development challenges. Permits and Business Licenses Cities and counties issue permits and track fees associated to building, assessing, development, construction, business

17 Sep 2014

Asset Management

iWorQ Asset Management Asset Management is an easy-to-use web-based solution used by public works and utility agencies nationwide. iWorQ provides Asset Management tools for inventory, data collection, inspections, and data management. Agencies that use iWorQ: Map and locate the assets using GPS or our spatially enabled mapping application Keep historical records including maintenance/treatment histories and ratings Assess the value of the assets they manage Asset Management applications Pavement management Hydrant management Sidewalk management Sign management

17 Sep 2014

Pavement Management

Pavement Management iWorQ Pavement Management is an easy-to-use Internet application enabling cities and counties to do complete asset management. It combines: Condition assessments Asset valuation Analysis of maintenance strategies Multi-year budgeting Queries and reporting Cloud based application Free tech support Data Management iWorQ Pavements has all the tools for inventory, data collection, inspections, data management, and updates. The application creates dynamic data collection forms including lookup values and segment lists. In addition, iWorQ pavements tracks

17 Sep 2014

Graffiti Management Software

Graffiti is a problem everywhere; and is typically a larger problem in large cities and counties. We have created over 20 solutions for problems that may occur in city and county government agencies. Graffiti is not an easy or fun task to have to manage or handle. Tracking the hours and money spent on cleaning up such a mess can be very difficult and time-consuming. Not anymore. Many government agencies have already experienced the amazing

Work Management Software

Work Management Software This simple web-based software can track many of the simple routine jobs that take excessive amounts of time to track. As a city or government agency, there are many jobs that you need to keep track of for various reasons, but hiring someone to do so can be costly and is not necessary. iWorQ will take care of the tracking for you. Now your employees can focus all their efforts on performing